Luxury medical clothes, which one can describe in a few words:

K — keeping comfort
O — original design
B — bacteriostatic apretura
A — absolute innovation
K — keeping chic

The models have been designed by a medical doctor, who connects her professional passion with a love for fashion. She has noticed that the market lacks medical clothes adjusted to the character of work performed by medical practitioners connected to aesthetics. The work on final designs lasted long with a lot of prototypes tsted by doctors and cosmetologists in aesthetic medicine clinics. Innovative use of two-way fashionable zippers in medical clothes increases work comfort allowing for personal adjustments and keeping chic. The cross-cut of the garment minimalised the number of seams which apart from aesthetic values, facilitates ironing and ensures perfect fit during work. Line “A” models perfectly fit each type of figure and eliminate movement discomfort.

The 7/8 slevee used in the model leaves wrists autside, which is practical and comfortable at work giving lightness to the silhouette.

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