Second Generation Silver Technology

The effect of silver interfering with bacteria:
– cell membrane destabilizes
– breathing is prevented
– nourishment is impaired
– cell division is stopped

The polyester – cotton fabric with the density of 200g/m2 and the PES65CO35 content. The fabric belongs to the product group of the so called “PRO-LINE” which includes assortments created for PROfessional use. The chosen raw material, structure of the fabric and its finishing guarantee long-lasting use and high endurance for conservation in professional laundries. The confirmation of those qualities is the Certificate of Compliance issued by the Textile Research Institute (Instytut Włókiennictwa) in Łódź that the fabric complies with the standards: PN-P-84525, ENV 14237, PN-90-P-82008 and PN-EN ISO 13688. Furthermore clothes made of fabrics belonging to the line PRO-LINE are safe for people (the fabric has the certificate OEKO-TEX Std 100).

The bacteriostatic finishing is achieved in the process of production thanks to the use of chemical materials produced by the Swiss company SANITIZED and guarantees high efficiency of the means even after multiple washing. The tests confirming the quality of the protective means were performed according to the standard JIS L 1902:2008. Research undertaken on the Escherichia coli ATCC 11229 and Staphylococcus aureus species confirm the reduction on the level surpassing 99.99% which means that the bacteriostatic result is very good. The means used to produce the OPTIMUS PRO fabric are present on the list of safe means understood by the requirements given by OEKO -TEX, hence the fabric with bacteriostatic finishing also belongs to the group of products that have been granted the certificate OEKO-TEX Std 100.

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